Assist in Business litigation

Litigation is one of the primary risks businesses face and can originate from many sources, such as employment issues, product liability, contractual disputes, fraud, or misrepresentation. These may be taken as preventive, active or meant to seek re-compensation, due to a loss by an organization. A business could also be subject to litigation as an adverse action by another party for a perceived wrongdoing, or may be accused of violating a regulation. Regardless of the circumstances, litigation is a risk to any organization no matter the size, whether they are a small business or a Fortune 500 company.


In all these situations, digital data and ESI play one of the most important roles, acting as both the source of communications and record of what has occurred. For some matters, the ESI may require technical expertise to interpret or may contain additional relevant data that is hidden from the reader’s view. Such data is called “metadata”, which is information about ESI and typically helps in establishing its context to the litigation. Metadata can include such things as a document’s author, time of file creation or modification, source, and email information like author or sending address.


Using our technical abilities, we can ensure we help you gather the evidence needed for your case and be able to comply with any court orders. Due to our experience in corporate litigation matters, we can assist with doing preliminary case assessments and fact finding on digital devices, in order to determine potential litigation viability and strategy. If the litigation process moves in an active phase, we will partner with counsel to perform forensic analysis, E-Discovery, and court-certified expert witness testimony. No matter the nature of the case, we can provide the required services in order to ensure your litigation has the right team to address any of your needs and case requirements.