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5D optical data storage – Superman memory crystals

On Feb. 6, 2018, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket flew for the first time launching red Tesla Roadster and its mannequin driver, Starman, into orbit around the sun. Thus far car and Starman moved beyond Mars moving at a speed of 55 thousand miles per hour. The orbital period is about […]

xor vs encryption diagram

Engineers Explain USB Flash: XOR vs Encryption

We receive dozens of flash cases every week and our clients often ask us why is it so complicated to recover data from their flash device. Flash devices don’t store data like a hard drive, the controller (brain) of the flash device transforms data as it passes through it. Each […]

Seagate Hard Drive Head Stuck

El disco duro externo de Seagate emite un beep

¿El disco duro externo de Seagate emite “beeps” y no parece que esté girando? ¡Esto puede ser una muy mala noticia! Muchas veces, las unidades portátiles sufren una descarga después de haberse caído o una descarga accidental, muchas veces mientras están encendidas y conectadas a una computadora. Mi disco duro […]

apple repair

“Right to repair” vs Apple

At this moment almost 20 states are considering or implemented so-called “Right to Repair” legislation, which should require device manufacturers to make repair parts, tools, guides, and diagnostic software available to the public. While tech giants are fighting this legislation as public records showed; Apple is lobbying against the bill […]


Contraseña protegida unidad de disco

Se puede acceder a un dispositivo de almacenamiento de datos, a una unidad (unidad de disco duro o flash basado en NAND) de manera predeterminada, desde cualquier computadora a la que esté conectado, de modo que si una unidad de disco duro externa o una memoria USB almacena datos importantes, […]

machine learning

Using machine learning in data recovery

Although backup tools manage majority if not all corporate data and applications. With their complete access to the lifeblood of a company, backup providers are building ways for corporations to not just manage but understand the data at hand. Adopting advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning these solutions can now […]

file listing example

En uno de nuestros artículos anteriores cubrimos las unidades host

En uno de nuestros artículos anteriores cubrimos las unidades host. Pero antes de que los ingenieros de Data Analyzers transfieran sus datos recuperados a una unidad host, recibirá un mensaje de correo electrónico para verificar los archivos recuperados. ¿Que debo hacer con eso? y ¿por qué es esto necesario? Verificar […]


Password Protected Host Drive

Data storage device, a drive ( hard drive or NAND flash based one) by default can be accessed by any computer it is plugged into, so if a external hard drive or USB flash stores important data it should be encrypted and password protected. Data Analyzers places password on every host drive leaving […]


Tendencias anuales en la recuperación de datos

Cuando ha sufrido una falla en el disco duro, falla de USB / SSD o pérdida de datos debido a una falla de RAID, necesita un líder comprobado en la industria como Data Analyzers. Les traemos algunas estadísticas del año que nos dejó atrás. El mercado de big data ha […]

google play store malware

Android malware infiltrated the Google Play Store

Computer virus incidents cost companies, organizations as well as individuals billions of dollars every year. While antivirus technologies for detection and containment are attempting to keep pace, the threat is constantly evolving. The attack vector is no longer simply an infected executable on a external drive. Emails, websites, macro-enabled documents, […]