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hard drive outside

Hurricane Season: What To Do If Your Hard Drive Gets Wet!

Hurricane season is here, but so is Data Analyzers team of experts to walk you through finding the best way to recover your data from the storms! Being a Florida-based Data Recovery Company, we have seen our fair share of storms and have mastered the art of surviving them with […]

How to Properly Test your Backups

Studies say almost 50% of backups fail during the recovery stage! If you don’t test your backups properly there’s an excellent chance you won’t be able to recover them successfully when you need to.   While most large companies test disaster recovery plans at least once a year, small business […]


Wesh 2 Exclusive Interview with Data Analyzers’ CEO

Earlier this month, following the events of this year’s 2018 DefCon hacking conference in Las Vegas, Wesh 2 News visited the Data Analyzers headquarters in central Florida to interview Founder and CEO, Andrew von Ramin Mapp. The Defcon Conference is highly prestigious and draws famous hackers from across the globe […]

Retro Storage: Floppy Disk Experiment, Part 1

What is a floppy disk? Developed in the late 1960’s, the floppy disk is an extremely dated form of data storage comprised of a flexible magnetic storage disk, enclosed in hard plastic. Who still uses a floppy disk? Unless you work with legacy hardware or a retro enthusiast, almost no […]

maxtor data recovery

The A-B-C’s of Data Recovery

Here at Data Analyzers, we sometimes explain the nature of data recovery by comparing it to that of automotive repair. Both of these professional services are very complex, can often be prevented with regular scheduled maintenance, and come with their very own lingo that is unknown to the everyday consumer. […]


Una estrategia de backup 3-2-1

Una estrategia de backup 3-2-1 significa tener al menos 3 copias en total de sus datos. 2 de las copias son locales, pero en diferentes dispositivos y al menos 1 copia fuera del sitio. La estrategia de copia de seguridad 3-2-1 es la mejor práctica, ya que garantiza que tendrá […]


How To Tell If Your Backup Is Failing (Before It’s Too Late)

Your backup is failing? You have not read our 3-2-1 Backup strategy post? Both? Sit back and read this article before you take any action that may lead to data loss. There are numerous reasons why a backup can fail and, in most cases, the lead cause is poor planning. […]

usb drive snapped

Common failures of USB drives

What is the most common failure of USB flash drives? USB drives fail for a variety of reasons. However, not all failures are the same… Bent or broken USB connector This is probably one of the most common issues we see at our laboratory. USB drives protrude out of laptops […]

cleanroom blur

A Look Inside Our Cleanroom

A Cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Data recovery service providers use cleanrooms when hard drive mechanical components need to be repaired or inspected. Operations like head replacements, platter transplant, and spindle motor repair […]

phone summer shot

Mobile Devices – Summer Tips

Even though summer 2018 is winding down, it is important to remember that things are still heating up! While the high temperatures may drive us to the pool or beach, we should be cautious in carrying our mobile devices, phones or cameras with us. Working in our field, we recognize […]