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Engineers Explain: Specialized Cell Phone Recovery

Almost everyone at some point has had a cellphone that has been broken. Common failures are water damage, physical damage, and manufacturer defects in the hardware or software. Most times people will take their phone to their local cell phone repair shop who will attempt some basic repairs in order […]

The age of portable storage

Back in the days when a Megabyte was considered an enormous amount of storage capacity and computers used to fill up entire rooms, the average hard drive weighed about 200 pounds. Over time, technology progressed and today most of us use portable storage devices (PSD’s). Portable storage devices PSD’s are […]

The Greatest Data Recovery Cases of 2017: Dentistry Research Project Tapes

Services, such as tape media data conversion and migration, offered by Data Analyzers are often straightforward. However, at times our engineers have had to be creative and think out-of-the-box in order to recover data and help our clients to get back on their feet. This is a prime example of […]

Data Recovery in a Nutshell

Here at Data Analyzers, we want to make things as simple as possible for you to retrieve your valuable data and precious memories; which is why we pride ourselves on having a streamlined, stress free recovery process. In this article, we would like to outline data recovery process in an […]

What is 3-2-1 backup?

A 3-2-1 backup strategy means having at least 3 total copies of your data. 2 of the copies are local, but on different devices and at least 1 copy offsite. The 3-2-1 backup strategy is the best practice, because it ensures that you’ll have a copy of your data no […]

damaged heads hard drive

Recover “ Unrecoverable ” Data in Orlando, FL

There are cases when not even the best backup systems cannot protect you from user error, severe hardware failure, natural events and other potential dangers. Data loss is an unfortunate mishap; Fortunately, professional data recovery companies like Data Analyzers are conveniently located in central Florida. We can retrieve files from […]

Damaged SanDisk Memory Card Data Recovery

SanDisk memory card data recovery is what we do and cards that had previously been unsuccessfully serviced at another data recovery service provider are often received by Data Analyzers for another “look”. This micro SD 64 GB card would not respond when plugged into a card reader or a camera. […]

como es por dentro un disco duro

Como es por dentro un disco duro?

Durante más de 60 años, la unidad de disco duro (HDD) ha desempeñado un papel importante en la era moderna de la tecnología digital. La capacidad de almacenamiento de la unidad de disco duro ha aumentado de solo 5 MB en 1956 en cincuenta discos de 24 pulgadas a más […]


DNA data storage – The highest density storage scheme ever invented

After six decades, present data storage technology may become obsolete. Humanity created more data in the past 2 years than in all of preceding history. As researchers try to overcome data “flood” they’ve come up with a new way to store digital data more efficiently and for a longer period […]

fake micro sd card

How to Identify a Fake Memory Card

Memory cards, such as MicroSD cards, may not be bigger than a dime, but are capable of storing immense amounts of data. From favorite music and videos to all your photos from last summer vacation can be accessed instantly on a phone, tablet or any other device. Anytime, Anywhere. Isn’t […]