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Discount on Data Recovery for Snow Storm Victims in the SW Regions

Data Analyzers is offering up to a 15% discount to all those affected by the snow storms hitting our southeast region this past few days.  Orlando, FL (– In lieu of the recent weather events that has left over 700,000 people without power after outages swept through across the southeast […]

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Data Analyzers has moved

The Data Analyzers LLC has been growing in leaps and bounds and the need to have the space for our ever-growing team and our new equipment forced us to locate our headquarters and main data lab to a bigger location. Orlando, FL, January 31, 2014 –(– ORLANDO, Fla. — Data […]

San Juan

Now providing data recovery services to Puerto Rico

Headquartered in Orlando FL, Data Analyzers is one of the very few companies in the country, qualified to perform Data Recovery from physical damage and capable of performing Computer Forensic investigations on all common media. The four-year old firm specializes in data recovery.  After rendering services to big corporations in […]


Data Analyzers LLC has joined the Better Business Bureau

Data Analyzers, LLC ( in Orlando, Florida has joined the Better Business Bureau.  Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Data Analyzers is one of the very few companies in the state, qualified to perform Data Recovery from physically damaged hard drives and the new NAND technology media which is your flash drives, SSD cards, […]

Advanced Smartphone Technique

Advanced Smartphone JTAG and Chip-Off Data Recovery and Forensic Techniques

Here at Data Analyzers we perform advanced JTAG and CHIP-off smart phone data recovery services. We frequently succeed where others have failed. Our clients include individual consumers, law enforcement agencies, IT Service firms and corporations.   The video below will provide some insights into the data recovery process and available procedures […]


Desiree and her unrecoverable data

On a Wednesday afternoon Desiree called our office. She was a new client and after Joannie answered the phone saying: “Data Analyzers, good afternoon, how may I help you?” there was a quick responding “Hello?” followed by a long pause. Desiree was in tears. Joannie could barely understand what Desiree […]

Data Analyzers LLC joins Global Data Recovery Alliance

As Data Analyzers ( ) has been expanding its data recovery and computer forensics capability, the organization has continued to grow into a national leader in the data recovery industry. Data Analyzers has been selected from a large pool of data recovery companies in the United States to be the […]


How hard drives read data

Ever wondered what actually reads your pictures, movies and documents from your hard drive? Well… many people falsely believe that data on a computer is actually stored in 1’s and 0’s, as it is often thought. But if your data is stored on a hard drive, which is usually the […]


Welcome to Data Analyzers’ Partner Program!

Data Analyzers specializes in data recovery and offers exceptional technical expertise, competitive pricing, and a fast turnaround time for all data recovery cases. Did you know that there are only a handful of quality data recovery labs in Florida that have a class 100 clean room and actually do the […]