Founded in 2009, by Andrew von Ramin Mapp after having relocated from Germany to the USA. Data Analyzers Consulting Group is a boutique technology firm that has developed a high level of expertise in cyber security, digital forensics and data recovery.

Our Unique approach, combined with international resources and a vast amount of experience allows us to provide unparalleled services to our clientele.
As a leader in the data recovery industry, we are the only US based company that has been accepted as a member by the Global Data Recovery Alliance. This alliance allows us to leverage resources and shared R&D with over 20 non-competing data recovery labs from across the globe. Therefore we can provide you with some of the most advanced and cutting edge data recovery solutions for your corporation.

Our Digital forensic lab provides assistance to corporations, Insurance companies and law firms. Staffed with the latest technologies and forensic examiners with the most sought after certifications, we frequently examine computer networks, computer systems and mobile devices for traces of evidence.

The cyber security team responds to incidents and performs services such as security audits, penetration testing, treat hunting as well as special assignment projects.