Compromise Assessment

Identify ongoing or past attacker activity in your environment

A Data Analyzers’ Compromise Assessment combines our extensive experience responding to intrusions carried out by advanced threat actors, industry-leading threat intelligence and our in-house technology to:

    • Identifies ongoing or past intrusions within your organization
    • Assesses risk by identifying weaknesses in security architecture,     vulnerabilities,improper usage or policy violations and system   security mis-configurations
    • Increases your organization’s ability to respond effectively to future   incidents
    • The Need for Compromise Assessments

High-profile data breaches in the news represent only a fraction of the intrusion activity carried out globally. Knowing whether your organization has been breached and identifying ways to reduce risk is crucial to preventing your organization from becoming the next major data breach headline.

Our Approach

We combine our extensive experience responding to intrusions and industry leading threat intelligence with a modular stack of our technology to deliver an assessment that meets your business objectives with speed, scale, and efficiency. In addition to identifying evidence of past or ongoing attack activity the assessment offers:

    • Context derived from threat intelligence will provides insight into attacker attribution and motivation so organizations know if they are being targeted
    • Identification of risks of your security architecture and configuration weaknesses, including missing patches or security software
    • Facilitation of future investigations while we recommends strategic options that can better prepare your organization’s security team to respond to intrusions