Questions and Answers

Although data loss can occur for many reasons and the recovery solutions span from simple to very complex, a full data recovery is possible in most cases.

A: This will depend on what caused the data loss. After performing a free evaluation Data Analyzers can provide
you with a precise time frame for the recovery. The average time for logical recovery are 2 -3 days and 6 -7 days for physical recovery.

We believe that providing our clients with a fixed pricing structure for data recovery is the easiest and most cost efficient solution for our customers. For digital forensic services please consult one of our experts.

The term logical recovery is used when data loss has occurred due to data corruption, hard drive formatting, loss of boot sector, partitions and other none physical causes for data loss. When data failure occurs due to mechanical damage (heads, spindle motor, etc.) and or damage to the electronic components such as the PCB, this is then referred to as a physical failure.

A: There are several failures that can display this type of symptom. In most cases it is a problem caused by the inability of the heads to locate and read the first track on one or more disks.

A: We support Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, SCO UNIX, HP UNIX, BSD, Mac OS, Novell Netware, as well as many other open and proprietary operating environments.

A: Data are returned to you on the host drive. This is media of your choice and preference. Some options include DVD, External Hard drive or download from our online server.

A: Data Analyzers has successfully performed digital forensic analysis and acquisitions on laptops, desktops, servers, digital voice recorders, Backup Tape cartridges and mobile phones.