Incident Response Services

Investigate, contain and re-mediate critical security incidents with speed, scale and efficiency.

Data Analyzers has been at the forefront of cyber security and cyber threat intelligence since 2009. Our incident responders have been on the front-lines of the most complex breaches worldwide. We have a deep understanding of both existing and emerging threat actors, as well as their rapidly changing tactics, techniques and procedures.

We combine investigative and remediation expertise gained by responding to thousands of incidents with industry-leading threat intelligence and cutting edge network and endpoint technology.  Data Analyzer’s work on the largest and most publicized incidents uniquely qualifies us to assist clients with all aspects of an incident response technical response.

We help clients investigate and re-mediate faster and more efficiently, so they can get back to what matters most — their business.


The use of cloud and on-premise solutions allow investigations to begin immediately, while managing client data privacy concerns. Within hours, Data Analyzers can begin analyzing network traffic and information from thousands of endpoints. Unparalleled access to threat intelligence from the front lines of attack research and other intelligence sources provide Data Analyzer’s incident response teams with the latest attacker tactics, techniques and procedures.  We understand that comprehensive incident and breach response extends beyond the technical investigation, containment and recovery.

Our Approach

Data Analyzers investigation includes host and network-based analysis for a comprehensive, holistic assessment of the environment. Our response actions are tailored to help clients respond to and recover from an incident, while managing regulatory requirements and others technology damage. We typically identifies the following during our investigations:

• Affected applications, networks, systems and user accounts
• Malicious software and exploited vulnerabilities
• Information accessed or stolen
• Data Breach Response
• Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and Economic Espionage Response
• Spyware and Invasive Software Response
• Intellectual Property Theft Investigation
• Cyber Extortion and Ransomware Incident Response

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