Data Recovery Process

Data Analyzers four-step course of action recovery process tailored for you and your data in mind.

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During your first phone consultation, Data Analyzers will initiate the process by appraising your data loss situation in order to determine the best and most cost-effective data recovery solution.

Drop off your data storage device to one of our remote offices or ship it to our main lab in Lake Mary, Florida. Mail-in customers should include a blank media (“Host” drive) in the same package as the “patient” media if not purchasing a new hard drive/flash from us. Drop off customers may bring a host drive when dropping off.

Data Analyzers offer following analysis options for your device(s):

Economy Expedited Emergency
100% free $150 (RAID - $150 per drive after 2 drives) $300 (RAID - $300 per drive after 2 drives)
Standard analysis Device is looked at immediately Performed after hours, weekends and holidays
Results within 72 hours Results under 12 hours (Typically, 4) Results under 6 hours


Once Data Analyzers receives your device a unique account is created while your login credentials for the DA user portal is forwarded to you so you can receive updates and ask questions related to your case. Your device(s) and corresponding accessories are now delivered to one of our expert engineers who will perform the analysis of your choice.

Once your analysis is complete the engineer will place an analysis update in your DA user portal describing the issues they found and the options for recovery. This is you decide to proceed with recovery of your data. If declined your media(s) will be returned to you.


Economy Recovery* Standard Recovery Expedited Recovery* Emergency Recovery*
21 Business days and with limited updates 5-7 business days 1-3 business days Immediately in process until done
* Not available for all cases



Recovery of your data is a complex process and Data Analyzers will keep you informed every step of the way. There are cases in which we need to provide donor drive(s) in order to recover your data. In such case, you will be notified when your donor drive has arrived.

After your recovery is complete, the engineer will post to DA portal a final update to your case with the results of your recovery. A file listing will be generated and emailed to the you for review and approval.


Once approved the engineer will transfer the data to an appropriately sized destination (host) drive. In case when we provide the drive will be encrypted with a password to ensure the privacy of your data.

At this time, the administrative staff will send out an email letting you know the recovery is complete as well as an electronic invoice. The invoice will reflect recovery cost, host device cost, and return shipping charge.

Once the final invoice is paid, your host device will be packed up for shipment via FedEx. Your email will be included in the FedEx label creation process, allowing you to receive shipping updates.

Invoices paid for after 3:00PM will ship on the following business day.

A copy of your data will be held for 16 days from the time your package ships. This allows us to provide another copy of your data should something happen to your data within that period. After 16 days the data is automatically wiped from out systems.