Research and Development

Archive Drive Data Recovery

A new hard drive technology called shingled magnetic recording or SMR has made its way into the market in the form of ultra low cost drives often marketed as Archive drives. Archive drives utilize a new (old) method of writing tracks to the disk in that they overlap tracks, therefore […]

Severely damaged USB drive

Data Analyzers received a heavily damaged USB drive this week in our lab. Our client hit the USB drive with their leg while it was plugged to their computer. This is actually a common occurrence with USB drives, since they protrude out when plugged in. Normally, this type of accident […]

Recovering Data from physically damaged Samsu ...

A few months ago we received a Samsung MZRPC256HMCDSSD 256GB SSD from one of our recovery partners that had been physically damaged by their client. Their client tried removing the drive from their laptop themselves while in the process damaging the LIF (Low Insertion Force) connector. The entire connector was […]

Data Analyzers performs cutting edge data rec ...

At the present time, data extractions from newer smart phone devices for data recovery and computer forensic purposes has become more and more challenging, for both law enforcement and industry experts. Data Analyzers has once again rushed to the forefront to be one of the first globally to be able […]

Calling All Hackers: Grand Prize in Sunshine ...

ONCE AGAIN! Calling all hackers: Data Analyzers, LLC ( in Orlando, Fla. is hosting the 2nd Sunshine State “Hacktacular” Challenge with a big prize for the top competitor: a full-time job with benefits in Orlando, FL. Data Analyzers will soon have a job opening for a junior data recovery engineer. Read […]