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Cyber Security

Incident Response:

If you have suffered from a system or network intrusion, it is critical to have a systematically plan of action in place.  Our team has the necessary experience as well as cyber security & digital forensic qualifications to assist your organization in mitigating the risk as well as performing a forensically sound evidence preservation.


Hunting is a proactive and defensive technique to find system and network intrusions in order to eliminate the threats before they have been fully exploited.
These techniques usually include an exploratory data analysis, identifying and searching for indicators of compromise. These techniques combined with the skills and experience of our team allows us to find known and unknown threats on your computer network, such as malware that might remain hidden and extract confidential information from your corporation.

Vulnerability Assessment:

A Vulnerability Assessment, when conducted properly can significantly reduce the risk of a successful attack.
Understanding your organizations cyber security exposure is a vital part of any security measure. Our trained cyber security experts have years of experience in analysis vulnerabilities and emphasizing the risk associated of each vulnerability.

Onsite & Remote services available.

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