Encrypted Data Recovery

Need data recovered? Act fast!

Our data recovery experts have been trained to perform recoveries from many leading data encryption vendors and platforms. Data Analyzers utilizes both commercial industry standard tools as well as custom solutions to safely recover file and disk based encrypted data.

Data loss incidents happen and they occur more frequently than most would be expect

Encrypted Data Recovery

Our fast turnaround time combined with our high success rate and the ability to meet your regulatory compliance demands, makes Data Analyzers one of the best options for a safe and secure recovery of your data.

Some of the Full Disk Encryption types we can assist with include:

  • CheckPoint
  • Guardian Edge
  • BeCrypt
  • PGP
  • McAfee EndPoint Encryption
  • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption
  • True Crypt
  • Windows EFS

Encrypted files and devices are sensitive to corruption and the recovery process at time can be challenging. In order for our Data Recovery Engineers to be able to successfully decrypt your data from the damaged devices or file, we will require the encryption keys and or passphrases.

Recently, new method became available, called decryption-on-the-fly, which dramatically reduced decryption time for hard drives, with better and faster results for the customer.

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