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External Hard Drive Recovery

WD - LaCie - Samsung - Seagate - Buffalo - Toshiba

As the quantity of external hard drives being used by both consumers and commercial entities have drastically increases over the past years so have the fatalities of external hard drives. We know encounter more failed external hard drives in our data recovery lab that internal desktop or laptop drives.

External Hard Drive Recovery

Often times these drives suffer from shock after being dropped or accidentally bumped while powered on and connected to the USB port. We also find that often times these drives just simply overheat due to insufficient cooling based on the small form factor design of the external drive enclosure, causing the drive to ultimately fail.

Our data recovery engineers are experts that have vast experience when it comes to recovering data from external hard drives. We have encountered drives that have suffered from water damage, stepped on, and even a case where a large truck ran over an external Lacie hard drive that was successfully recovered by our data recovery team.

When you choose Data Analyzers you can expect:

  • Specialized facilities for servicing hard drives
  • No-recovery, no-fee guarantee
  • Fast turnaround times, high success rates and variety of pricing options

We frequently recover data successfully from Western Digital MyBook, Western Digital Passport (Pro), Western Digital Elements, WD Wireless SSD, Seagate GoFlex, Seagate Backup Plus, LaCie Rugged, Lacie Mobile, Samsung Portable, Buffalo MiniStation, Toshiba Canvio and other popular external hard drives. If your external hard drive is suffering from a malfunction, please unplug the USB/Thunderbolt cable and power cord (power on 3.5 inch factors only) immediately to prevent further damage and call the experts at Data Analyzers to reduce the risk of platter damage and increase the chance of a successful recovery.

Data Analyzers Data Recovery also offers emergency services for external hard drives usually completed within a single business day.

Did You Know?

When data loss happen most of us will try an online utility or take Portable/External Hard Drive to nearby repair shop but be careful since in most cases that can lead to permanent data loss. Note: DIY  data recovery attempts more often create more damage or produce no results leaving no chance for a recovery.

Our process

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