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Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery


Hitachi is a hard drive manufacturer which produces IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS hard drives. The various hard drive architectures such as the Ultrastar, Deskstar and Travelstar have been popular in the enterprise as well as in Laptops and external hard drive enclosures. In 2003 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies acquired IBM’s hard drive division and merged the 2 technologies to produce what are now the modern Hitachi hard drives. On March 8th 2012, Western Digital acquired Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

Our Data Recovery Engineers have a vast amount of experience recovering data from damaged and malfunctioning Hitachi hard drives. These drives have firmware microcode stored in a read only memory (ROM) chip. In addition they store configuration data in NV-RAM and in a special repository on the hard drives platters. Specialized equipment is required to access and modify this information.

Hitachi hard drives, can suffer from damaged circuit board components, firmware and service area corruptions as well as damaged read/write heads which often cause the infamous clicking noise.

Our team has collected a large library of Hitachi hard drives as part of our inventory and are quickly able to assist with your Hitachi data recovery or HGST data recovery needs.

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