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Recovering data from crashed or otherwise failed IBM Servers is a frequent occurrence here at Data Analyzers. With a 95% recovery success rate, we are well equipped to safely resuscitate your critical data in the most expedient ways possible.

We understand the severe pressure that you’re IT department and maybe even your entire organization is experiencing at this moment.

Our highly trained RAID Recovery Engineers have a very profound understanding of IBM Servers and the RAID settings and algorithms utilized by them. In most cases our team can manually emulate the behavior of your RAID controller to extract the data even from failed RAID-5, RAID-6 and RAID-10 configurations. If any of the hard drives are fully beyond access, even with our specialized software and hardware, these drives will receive advanced treatment in our class 100 ISO 5 clean room.

We have assisted countless of clients with recoveries from:

  • IBM eServer xSeries Servers
  • IBM eServer Storage Servers
  • IBM eServer BladeCenter Servers

Often times failures are caused by Bad Sectors, Multiple Drive failures, Power Spikes or Power Supply failures.

If instead of the failure having been a hardware malfunction, your case may include a different scenario where the failure has been caused due to corruption of human error, we are also able to assist with such situations and due so frequently.

In some cases a remote recovery is possible, in other cases the drives will need to be shipped to our main lab facility.

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