Mobile Recovery

Cellphone / Smartphone Data Recovery Services

Data Analyzers has extensive mobile recovery experience servicing all major mobile & smartphone brands including:

Apple Samsung LG HTC Google Microsoft Asus Nokia Motorola Huawei Sony BlackBerry Lenovo more

We even recover data from no name brands and older “dumb” phones. Our engineers have been performing sophisticated phone recoveries for over 15 years. That’s even before the first iPhone came along!

We support all major operating system including:

iOS Android BlackBerry Windows Phone webOS/PalmOS Symbian other

mobile recovery

Mobile Recovery & Forensics

Nowadays, almost all of us use our mobile phone such as: iPhone, Android Phone or Windows Phone to capture our fondest memories – photos of birthdays, graduation day, a newborn, or even videos of the house cat attacking a bag. These are some of the things we cherish the most, but unfortunately sometimes forget to back them up before an accident happens. This is where Data Analyzers saves the day.

Our laboratory contains some of the most advanced tools and experienced engineers to ensure we recover your most valuable memories from your phone. We often recover data from damaged phones that have been to one or two other companies before we receive it. Don’t trust just anyone to recover your data, have a company with one the highest success rates in the industry give you peace of mind and more importantly: your data back.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Advanced data recovery from damaged phones when others companies have failed (water, fire, run over, eaten by the dog)
  • Deleted file recovery (pictures and videos)
  • Data recovery from devices in a boot loop e.g. LG G3
  • Assist with bypassing locked phones due to forgotten password or non-functional touch screens
  • Deleted SMS text recovery
  • Mobile forensics

Each phone has its limitations on the services we can provide. Please make sure to tell our Data Recovery Adviser the make, model, and software revision.

Did You Know?

When data loss happen most of us will try an online utility or take mobile device (smartphone) to nearby repair shop but be careful since in most cases that can lead to permanent data loss. Note: DIY  data recovery attempts more often create more damage or produce no results leaving no chance for a recovery.

Our process

If your device is not listed here, please contact our helpful customer service team at 866-456-3282 or start your free media evaluation here