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Samsung Hard Drive Data Recovery

Samsung is a South Korean company that had a large present in the hard drive manufacturing market until its hard drive division was acquired in 2011 by Seagate Technologies. Its most popular drive type was the SpinPoint Series, which is an architecture that still can be found in various consumer and business systems.

As all hard drives have been subject to different types of failures, Samsung hard drives have not been excluded. If your Samsung hard drive failed and is in need for data recovery, it could be due to one of the following symptoms.

If you have a Samsung hard drive that has malfunctioned and data retrieval is required, contact us immediately as our team of data recovery experts possess a very detailed understanding of the architectures and inner workings of Samsung hard drives.

  • Samsung SpinPoint hard drives frequently experience damage to the printed circuit board (PCB).
  • These drives can be very vulnerable to overheating and power surges.
  • They can also suffer from firmware problems. If part of firmware or service area becomes corrupted or unreadable, the drive fails to initialize correctly and data can no longer be accessed.
  • An unusual clicking noise is often due to a mechanical failure of the read/write heads of the head stack assembly.

We can assist in recovering your data from:

  • Deleted Files and Partitions
  • Disk Reformatting
  • Mechanical Hard Drive Failures
  • Physical Damage from Fire or Flood
  • Physically Damaged and Dropped Laptops


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