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Using machine learning in data recovery

Although backup tools manage majority if not all corporate data and applications. With their complete access to the lifeblood of a company, backup providers are building ways for corporations to not just manage but understand the data at hand. Adopting advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning these solutions can now […]

Data Analyzers opens new data recovery receiv ...

Answering a fast growing demand for data recovery services in the state of Colorado, Data Analyzers LLC a leading top tier provider for data recovery services and computer forensics has opened a new receiving center in Denver. We have over a decade of experience and now we are proudly serving […]

Retro Storage: Floppy Disk Experiment, Part 1

What is a floppy disk? Developed in the late 1960’s, the floppy disk is an extremely dated form of data storage comprised of a flexible magnetic storage disk, enclosed in hard plastic. Who still uses a floppy disk? Unless you work with legacy hardware or a retro enthusiast, almost no […]

The A-B-C’s of Data Recovery

Here at Data Analyzers, we sometimes explain the nature of data recovery by comparing it to that of automotive repair. Both of these professional services are very complex, can often be prevented with regular scheduled maintenance, and come with their very own lingo that is unknown to the everyday consumer. […]

Recover “ Unrecoverable ” Data in Orlando ...

There are cases when not even the best backup systems cannot protect you from user error, severe hardware failure, natural events and other potential dangers. Data loss is an unfortunate mishap; Fortunately, professional data recovery companies like Data Analyzers are conveniently located in central Florida. We can retrieve files from […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Data Recovery Infographic

The key to dealing with data loss is to be prepared and know what to do when something does occur. The marvels of modern technology, undoubtedly, bring convenience and ease to our lives. But, no technology is completely fool-proof. When it comes to dealing with potential downfalls, knowledge is power. […]

Back to School Cyber Preparations

LAKE MARY, FL – August 15th, 2017 – Data Analyzers a leader in the data recovery industry provides valuable recommendations for back to school cyber preparations. Everyone prepares for the new school year in their own way! Some shop for new clothes, some do the assigned reading in advance, but […]

All Services

Data Analyzers proudly service a wide range of consumer and business storage devices including hard drives, NAS,  SAN server, RAID arrays and more. Click on one of the data recovery services listed below for a detailed description or contact our data recovery advisors today to start a case. Consumer Hard […]

Hurricane Sandy Data Loss Assistance

As recovery and cleanup efforts begin along most of the East Coast of our amazing country, we know that people and businesses across the country are asking what they can do to aid their fellow Americans. Our generation is heavily dependent on technology. We can only imagine the pain in […]

Advanced Smartphone JTAG and Chip-Off Data Re ...

Here at Data Analyzers we perform advanced JTAG and CHIP-off smart phone data recovery services. We frequently succeed where others have failed. Our clients include individual consumers, law enforcement agencies, IT Service firms and corporations.   The video below will provide some insights into the data recovery process and available procedures […]