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Temporada de Huracanes & Perdida de Dato ...

Siendo una compañía basada en Florida, los ingenieros de Data Analyzers recuperan datos de una variedad de situaciones de pérdida de datos causadas por desastres naturales. Las tormentas tropicales de verano provocan cortes de energía y sobretensiones eléctricas que pueden provocar fallas eléctricas y provocar la pérdida de datos. Aquí […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Data Recovery Infographic

The key to dealing with data loss is to be prepared and know what to do when something does occur. The marvels of modern technology, undoubtedly, bring convenience and ease to our lives. But, no technology is completely fool-proof. When it comes to dealing with potential downfalls, knowledge is power. […]

How hard drives read data

Ever wondered what actually reads your pictures, movies and documents from your hard drive? Well… many people falsely believe that data on a computer is actually stored in 1’s and 0’s, as it is often thought. But if your data is stored on a hard drive, which is usually the […]