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Android Data Recovery

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We utilize some of the same technology that many law enforcement forensic units utilize to recover your data. In addition to having access to some of the same technology we also have developed custom JTAG and Chip Off solutions that have drastically increased our recover-ability success rates on all common Android based smart phones such as the LG series, HTC, Huawei, Nokia or Xiaomi and, of course all models of the Samsung Galaxy mobile phones.

Regardless if you have a new Samsung Galaxy S9 or an older Android based smart phone. Data Analyzers has some of the most advanced data recover abilities to recover deleted information as well as to recover data from damaged android phones that have suffered from various failure types.

Some of the situations in which we can assist include

  • Recovery of deleted information
  • Recovery of data from damaged screens
  • Extraction of data from Water damage
  • Extraction of data from Fire damage
  • Bypass of Passcodes and fingerprint authentication

Recoverability and techniques that can be applied depend on the phone model and the exact Android version. Please contact one of our data recovery advisors to discuss your case today.

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